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P O Box 1206
Gray, GA 31032
Cell: 478-986-7872
Tournament Registration will now be easier than ever.  Just take a few minutes to fill out the form below.  Once you submit this information, it will be stored in our database, so that you do not have to submit it each time.  To register for tournaments in the future, all you will need to enter is the e-mail address  and password that you enter below and choose the tournament.  PLEASE BE SURE THAT EACH TEAM IS REGISTERED ONLY ONCE.


Team Name:
Age Bracket:
Coaches Name:
Coaches Home Phone:
Coaches Work Phone:
Coaches  Cell Phone:
Coaches Email: this must be a valid e-mail address.  It will be used in the future to register you for tournaments.  PLEASE PUT ONLY ONE E-MAIL ADDRESS.
Password:   This will be used to register you for tournaments. PASSWORDS MUST BE 10 CHARACTERS MAXIMUM